Jul 6, 2017

What next for Cartasport as they enter a new era?

Geoff Dale, management team and head of buying at Cartasport, talks about the company's plans for the future

Cartasport are a leading sports wholesaler based in Keighley, West Yorkshire, which was founded in 1978 by Howard Carter.

Howard came from a family steeped in sports tradition in the retail sector and Cartasport is now a far cry from where the business started as a ‘one man and his van’ operation.

Howard, well recognised and highly regarded within the sports industry, has now retired along with his wife Jane, but they remain directors of the company.

A new management team, consisting of Joyce Camm, Simon McGoldrick and Geoff Dale, are now driving the company forward.

Geoff said: “The company is now approaching 40 years of successful business supplying over 6,000 stock lines covering 40 sports to businesses across the UK and Ireland, many have been loyal since the start of the business.”

Cartasport enjoy excellent relationships with leading sports brands such as Mitre, Gunn & Moore, Unicorn, Kookaburra, Optimum, Zoggs, Spalding and many more.

The new management team have a combined experience of over 70 years in the sports industry. Geoff joined the business in early 2017 to head the buying department, and brings with him a wealth of experience and an extensive network.

Geoff added: “We all have our own individual skills and if you combine that with our state-ofthe- art IT infrastructure and in house web design, we are taking the business to the next level.

“The company is now entering a new era. We have recently launched our new catalogue and have an improved, user-friendly, online ordering system.”

Looking to the future Cartasport want to help power their brands’ new products into the marketplace.

Geoff added: “Product innovation with the brands we work with is being supported by a stock and service offering that is second to none.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation as well as maintaining the standards that the company have always set out to achieve.

“We have launched over 100 new products this year and will continue with more upcoming and exciting new brands and ranges continuously throughout the year.

“Cartasport is the vision for the future and we look forward to taking the company into the next chapter. Watch this space.”

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