Jun 14, 2007

From the editor

When we launched Sports Insight magazine in 2004, was a simple affair. It featured a page describing the magazine, our aims and goals for the publication, along with details of advertising opportunities and how to subscribe.

Two years later more features were added to the online mix, including a constantly updated news feed and recruitment section, which allowed us to bring you breaking stories and up-to-the-minute job vacancies. Visitors were also able to download a full digital version of Sports Insight magazine from anywhere in the world in the time it took to make a cup of coffee.

We now bring you 3.0. While this latest incarnation maintains its symbiotic relationship with the magazine, the site is now a standalone entity in its own right.

Some of the familiar features of the old site remain, but now you’ll find news on here that you won’t find in the magazine. Visitors will also be able to access regular articles from some of the biggest names in the independent trade exclusively on the site.

You’ll even be able to comment on the articles and news stories published, should you so wish, and access our interactive calendar. You can also subscribe to our free fortnightly newsletter, which is a regular digest of what’s available on the site - delivered direct to your in-box.

Our first exclusive online feature article comes from Ward Robertson, managing director of the STAG buying group. As most of you will know, Ward has spent many years in the sports trade - most of which have been at the sharp end of the business.

His incisive piece on successful sports retailing highlights some key business areas we all need to be looking at on an ongoing basis.

We plan to bring you more quality articles in the months and years ahead. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Jeff James


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