Jun 30, 2015

Visit the OSst1 Stand at the STAG SUMMER SHOW to discuss how you can make more MONEY

Visit the OSst1 Stand at the STAG SUMMER SHOW to discuss how we can make more money and increase your PROFIT.

In the 4th in a series from the Company behind OS1st, the truly unique graduated compression sports support and braces, ing Source Limited’s Retail Operations Director, Darren Alger, presents the current range, detailing why OS1st™ is fast becoming the brand of choice internationally and why retailers should join the ing Source family.

Compression is a pretty flooded category in the sports trade. Brand after brand after brand have released compression socks, shorts, tops and sleeves over the past few years, so much so that as we visit independent retailers their first impression is: “Not another one!”

So what makes OS1st™ different to the competition? Well, we can slice this into 3 key categories:

1. Medical credibility.
2. Production quality.
3. Performance - both sales and customer testimonials.

So let’s take these key and some unique selling points one by one.

Medical Credibility
Inventor and founder of ing Source, Inc, David Higgins, has a career engrained in hosiery and compression. Inventor of the very first diabetic sock, David has spent years developing new products for third-party brands across the globe, the majority within the medical channel.

It was apparent that most standard compression sleeves delivered either a flat level of compression or a gradual light to firm across the sleeve. Although great products, David recognised that the body isn’t formed in either a flat or gradual way. The body, and in particular the venous system, benefits from having a changing graduation in compression within small areas.

By bringing this theory into practice, he developed Compression Zone Technology™. This means that within the OS1st™ range, where applicable, the levels of compression change in line with the need of the body.

Take the OS1st™ FS6 foot sleeve. Many foot and ankle compression garments are either a single level throughout the product, or running from firm to soft from bottom to top or vice versa. Our FS6 changes, as you can see in image 1. Why have a high level of compression at the top of the sleeve (above the ankle) when this is the final release area of waste products and blood supply up the body?

A second difference with our products from a medical credibility perspective is that we state the bands of compression found within each area of our products. There are very few brands out here that do this. The final part of our production process is a batch test by product area to ensure that what we say is being delivered has been correctly manufactured in that particular run. 

The third part of the medical credibility lies in the fact that leading physicians across the globe use our products. From North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, across Asia and to Australasia, doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and general practitioners recognise the quality and efficacy of the products.

Production Quality
We’re very proud of the quality of product manufactured in our factories. From sourcing the fibre, producing the final weave mixture in-house prior to manufacture and the use of the finest German knitting machinery, we ensure that every step of the process is at its optimum. And as stated earlier, EVERY batch is tested before release into the individual markets to guarantee those declared levels of compression.

Released in mid-2013, our FS6 product won new product of the year at TRE and then became the number 1 product by $market share, outperforming traditional compression AND sports supports and braces within the running community in the US.

2 years later and now sold under the OS1st™ brand, we have seen sales of FS6 exceed 2 million across the globe. Since its release, our FS6 has now been joined by a complete range of extremity sleeves, all utilising our patented Compression Zone Technology™ design, covering the calf, knee, elbow and wrist.

Customer surveys and feedback from trade and consumer journals, as well as individuals’ blog sites, combine to provide a truly impressive story.

The OS1st™ Range and their applications
Every customer walking through your door is a potential OS1st™ customer. If they’re active, then we have a product for them. If they’re not active in a sporting sense, then they are very likely to be experiencing discomfort with their feet (through work), knees, etc.  The OS1st™ range can protect, prevent and rehabilitate common conditions, as our chart explains.

Each product’s name denotes the area of the body it fits and the number of zones of compression so:

• FS6 – Foot Sleeve 6 zones of compression.
• CS6 – Calf Sleeve 6 zones of compression.
• PS3 – Patella Sleeve 3 zones of compression.
• KS6 – Knee Sleeve 6 zones of compression.
• ES3 – Elbow Sleeve 3 zones of compression.
• WS6 – Wrist Sleeve 6 zones of compression.
• FS6+ – This is a CS6 and FS6 combined - actually delivering 11 zones of compression.

The latest introduction to the OS1st™ range is our WS6 Wrist Sleeve. This not only treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but also gives added support and protection to wrists and is especially great for sports involving racquets, bats, clubs, etc. Anyone for tennis?

We are now an official STAG supplier, meaning all members can benefit form the advantages they provide, including a member discount.

Exhibiting at the Summer Show at the beginning of July, we’ll be presenting not only this unique range with fantastic show deals, but also our ‘Margin Accelerator’ model - how you can introduce the OS1st™ range into your sales, increasing your sale profit substantially, becoming ‘Sales Makers’ not ‘Sales Takers’.

Become an OS1st™ partner and see your profits soar.





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