Welcome to the Running Forum

Welcome to the Running Forum

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  • Switzer's Boston Breakthrough

    Have you ever done anything that has made an impact across the world? Well Kathrine Switzer did back in 1967 – becoming for the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and getting attacked on the course for doing so. Find out how this event changed Kathrine's life and the world of women's sport.

  • Top Ultra Running Tips

    We have some top tips on how to make you run uphill a lot faster and how best to cope with ultra running.

  • Going On An Adventure

    Have you ever just wanted to jack your job in and head off into the sunset? Well you can take inspiration from adventurer Jamie Ramsey and find out how he left his job in the city and went on a quest to Run the Americas. And it didn't stop there as his travels have taken him across the globe.