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Universal Kit Co produce custom New Era headwear ranges in the UK and Europe. New Era is an American headwear company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. It was founded in 1920. New Era has over 500 different licenses in its portfolio. Their heritage is in Baseball and since 1993 they have been the exclusive baseball cap supplier for Major League Baseball (MLB). They currently have some world-class partnerships, across many sporting disciplines, including the likes of Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chicago Bears, Boston Celtics, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox as well as numerous major league sport association endorsements! Their collaborations do not end at Sport. They feature across the world of art, music, lifestyle and entertainment. New Era truly is the heritage global leader in bespoke headwear.

Opportunity Overview
Universal Kit Co are now looking for agents to work exclusively with the New Era product range across the UK and Europe.  Under this agreement, we are able to produce small minimums across a range of products.  This provides the sales agents with an outstanding opportunity to build a strong customer base with a cool, must-have product range.

Target clients and regions
The target market for new Products: -
All sporting clubs and institutions
Education establishments
Gyms & health clubs
Musicians and music venues

The modern-day baseball cap is a global tradition, a ritual on and off the field. It’s why New Era produced over 70 million baseball caps last year alone. Whilst it is a must-have fashion accessory it also provides identity and loyalty to the club or the institution that you belong to. It’s a bold and proud statement. Because of this, the list above is not exhaustive. Any institution or club that has members are potential New Era headwear customers which means the potential for high commission earnings are unlimited.

Ideal profile
The ideal sales agent will have experience in representing products for the sports apparel or fashion retail clothing industry. They can be an independent agent or a business agency looking for additional services to offer the UK markets to create new revenue streams.
• Sales Commission
• Comprehensive assistance and sales support
• Sales leads and contacts for the territory will be passed to the agent.
• Samples of products and a comprehensive sales tools pack
• Plus, any other support the agent deems necessary and essential to acquire new business.
Confidentiality for customers is extremely important and the agent must ensure that sample products are only used for promotional purposes.
To be considered for this sales agent partnership, please contact Jon Haile on 07889 597360

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