Under Armour Wales kit unveiled

Under Armour Wales kit unveiled

Wales coach Warren Gatland and captain Ryan Jones have unveiled the debut kit from the WRU’s new official supplier, Under Armour. The nation’s new look for the coming season features ‘dragon scale grippy’ technology and highlights key national symbols such as the Welsh flag. The brand’s first international-level rugby kit is engineered with lighter and more breathable fabrics to improve comfort and range of movement to help enhance on-field performance. 

Inspired by the history and culture of Wales, the American-based performance apparel brand created a range of kit rooted in Welsh tradition. ‘Welsh red’ is the predominant colour for the tight-fitting home jersey, and the Welsh flag is stitched onto the jersey underneath the Welsh word ‘calon’ - meaning heart - on the inside back-neck of the collar. Additional details include ‘dragon scale grippy’ technology for enhanced ball-handling ability, triple seaming construction for maximum durability, ‘shammy’ textile inserts on shorts for improved handling in wet conditions and position-specific fit for the players.

The new kit has undergone rigorous wear testing at national team training sessions and Gatland’s squad has played a pivotal role in fine-tuning the gear to ensure it meets their needs.

Says Under Armour President, Europe, Peter Mahrer: “Unveiling our first international-level team kit is truly a historic day for Under Armour. It was important to us to respect the cherished heritage of Welsh rugby in these new designs while also ensuring we sacrificed nothing to deliver the best-performing, most technical state-of-the-art kit.”

“The Welsh national team jersey holds a unique place in the mindset of players and fans alike throughout the country and it is particularly pleasing to us that Under Armour have produced a garment which is entirely sympathetic to that fact,” says Gatland. “Under Armour took on a challenge to produce the Welsh kit, but the result has exceeded everyone’s expectations both in design and functionality. This kit is lighter and more durable than anything we’ve worn before.”

Wales’ November 8 match against South Africa, in the Invesco Perpetual Series, will mark the on-field debut of the new Under Armour kit. The tournament pits Wales against South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia on consecutive weekends in November. The new Wales jersey is available from all major sports clothing outlets is also sold online at http://www.wru.co.uk



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