Sep 27, 10

Ultimate Fighting Championship fitness equipment is a hit

Ultimate Fighting Championship fitness equipment is a hit

Jane Evans Licensing Consultancy (JELC), European licensing agent for the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation, has announced further success for the brand in the UK and European markets.

Global fitness company RFE International has been granted a license to produce a range of fitness equipment for the UK and European markets. And in a matter of only weeks, the range has been such a hit that increased orders are required to meet demand.

The initial range is made up of four products: UFC Official Fight Gloves; UFC Mixed Martial Arts Training Gloves; the UFC Muay Thai Pad (a training shield for blocking punches, elbows, kicks and knee strikes); and a UFC Hook and Jab Mitt.

RFE International, which specialises in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of a comprehensive range of fitness equipment for both the commercial and home markets, has already enjoyed success with the range in a very short time.

In fact, since the range first appeared in the autumn/winter Argos catalogue in late July the customer response to the range has almost trebled the original sales forecast.

As a result, the range will be launched in further sports goods stores during the autumn, before expanding into the European market in 2011.

The Argos range has been supported by an advertising campaign produced by the UFC, which includes a 30-second spot featuring an endorsement by one of the world’s top welterweights, Britain’s Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside one of the world’s fastest growing sporting brands in one of its key categories,” says Mike Edwards, CEO of RFE International.

“The consumer response to our range is, we believe, not only a tribute to our own experience in creating a world beating range of fitness equipment, but to the power and reach of the UFC brand.”

Marshall Zelaznik, UFC UK division president, says: “The UFC’s brand of mixed martial arts is not only the fastest growing sport in the world, but already the biggest ticket seller in British indoor sport.

“We are looking forward to working with our partners to continue the success of the UFC brand after a tremendous launch with the RFE International equipment.”

Jane Evans, managing director of JELC, adds: “We always knew that the UFC brand could match its enormous US success in the UK and Europe, but the speed and scale of the response to the RFE International equipment range has been truly extraordinary.

“The link up between the world’s biggest combat sports brand and RFE, an experienced and respected producer of high quality fitness equipment, has clearly struck a chord with UFC followers and fitness fans across the country - and we are certain this market will grow even further.”

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