Oct 12, 10

UFC fashion range launches at JD Sports

UFC fashion range launches at JD Sports

Jane Evans Licensing Consultancy, European licensing agent for the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation, has announced a breakthrough for the leading brand name in combat sport with the first major UFC fashion license in the UK and European markets.

Fight for Fashion, a British fashion distribution company specialising in contemporary menswear, premium denim brands and sportswear, is to launch a range of Ultimate Fighting Championship clothing, which will include men and women’s t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and training pants.

The range will initially be sold through larger JD Sports stores from mid-October, after which it will move into other sporting goods outlets, specialist MMA stores and online, and eventually extending to fashion and music stores.

The JD launch on October 14 will be supported by a major promotional campaign. The launch has been timed to coincide with the UFC 120 live event, which takes place on October 16 and has sold out London’s O2 Arena.

The range will receive backing in-store, with appearances by some of the UFC’s biggest stars at locations and dates to be confirmed shortly.

The promotional push is further boosted by a targeted magazine ad campaign, which launched in September with advertisements and advertorial in Fighters Only magazine, and will roll out into men’s general interest, fashion and health magazines.

“This is a very exciting time to be a UFC fan in the UK,” says Marshall Zelaznik, UFC UK division president.

“UFC fans are known all over the world for showing their passion for the sport through the clothes that they wear, and so we are thrilled to be offering them a brand new range, which is available in major high street stores for the first time.”

Abby Williams, managing director of Fight for Fashion, says: “As a company that specialises in both contemporary clothing and sportswear, we are thrilled to be working with a brand that not only evokes an exciting and active lifestyle, but is also the world’s fastest growing sports organisation.

“This association is a winner for both sport and style.”

Jane Evans, managing director of JELC, adds: “The UFC’s brand of mixed martial arts is not just about the world’s most exciting combat sport, it is also a vibrant lifestyle brand.

“Fight for Fashion, with its associations extending into both the sporting and fashion worlds, is the perfect partner for UFC in the UK market. We are certain that this stylish, exciting range of clothing will be a big hit with a wide range of consumers.”

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