Thermocool: the evolution of comfort

Thermocool: the evolution of comfort

Coolactive active has launched an addition to its exciting range. Coolactive has been using the performance fabric Coolmax, but the newly launched Thermocool will now be the main fabric used by the brand. 

Thermocool is a new multifunctional and ecological evolution born from ADVANSA’s technological experiences of modified cross section fibres and is a cross between Coolmax and Thermolite.

Working with your body temperature, this product can be worn in any permeation - from workwear through to sportswear and anything in between.

Born from the experiences and years of study on human thermoregulation, the privileged platform of profiled cross section products consists of a unique blend of fibres inside the yarns that interacts with the user of the garment.

This hybrid fibre mix provides a dual functionality: when the user is hot and perspiring, the fabric provides evaporative cooling, keeping the user cool and comfortable. When the user is cold and
shivering, the fabric reduces the exposure impact with external temperatures, keeping the user warm and thermoregulated.

Themocool is also being used by brands such as Asics and F1 and is the next generation of fabrics.

The range covers everything from t-shirts and polo shirts, through to a new range of base layers. 

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