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Teva defies convention by changing the shoe instead of the stride

Teva defies convention by changing the shoe instead of the stride

Outdoor brand Teva has launched the TevaSphere collection, designed to meet the performance needs of the outdoor athlete.

With a first-of-its-kind spherical heel and pod-arch system, the TevaSphere technology delivers a more natural point of impact, efficient transition and superior stability on varied terrain.

“Teva has been providing innovative footwear for the outdoors since pioneering the sport sandal category almost 30 years ago,” says Teva brand president Joel Heath.

“We are, once again, putting our stake in the ground - with TevaSphere we are delivering a technology-based solution that addresses the shortcomings of both minimalist and oversupportive athletic shoes.”

Participation in non-traditional outdoor sports such as adventure racing, obstacle courses and mud runs is steadily on the rise.

In an effort to meet the demands of this growing group of consumers, Teva spent more than four years developing the TevaSphere technology, which offers a solution to outdoor athletes who face a diverse range of terrain and obstacles in their outdoor pursuits.

The brand’s product and design team collaborated with leading sports science and human performance institute P3 (Peak Performance Project) to create the first outdoor cross trainer that features a spherical heel and pod-based arch support system.

P3 proved through extensive testing that the spherical heel lowers the user’s point of contact with terrain for a more natural point of impact and more efficient transition.

The pod-arch system provides specific support only where needed, offering exceptional stability without restricting freedom of movement or adding unnecessary weight to the shoe.

“We took our testing beyond the traditional flat environments of a lab and developed a way to test both uphill and downhill movements, mimicking the various terrains of the outdoors,” says Geoffrey Gray, doctor of physical therapy at P3.

“Our extensive data showed that the TevaSphere represents the best combination of performance and stability of any hiking, walking or running shoe we tested.”

Chris Hillyer, innovation manager at Teva, adds: “The majority of consumers continue to land on their heels whether running or walking.

“We felt compelled to create a technology that allows people to transition through their stride in a natural way without expecting the consumer to change.”

Teva also incorporates proven technology from its other footwear lines in the TevaSphere collection.

The TevaSphere outsole is composed of Spider365 Rubber, which provides excellent traction on various terrains.

In addition, the TevaSphere footwear collection offers a welcome aesthetic that transitions easily from the trail to the street.

Structural minimalism, non-sew synthetics, flexible mesh and vibrant colour define the versatile looks for the Spring 2013 line.

TevaSphere product offerings will debut in March 2013 in styles for men and women, including:

• TevaSphere Speed - features quick-dry materials and lightweight design.

• TevaSphere Trail eVent - features an eVent breathable waterproof membrane, sturdy design and toe bumper for added protection.

• TevaSphere Trail Mid eVent - features all the benefits of the TevaSphere Trail eVent with the added protection of a mid-cut height.

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