May 04, 22

Step out in comfort with the Ultimate Performance Advanced F3D Insole 4569

Designed for anyone with feet, the Advanced F3d Insole from Ultimate Performance works to keep you comfortably on track.

For every step we take, especially on hard surfaces, high frequency shockwaves reverberate up through the feet causing micro-traumas to the soft tissue which over time, can contribute towards common injuries or, worsen pre-existing.

The Advanced F3D is designed to dissipate up to 95% of those harmful shockwaves with a 3mm foam damper inserted into the heel and forefoot.

A PU foam core, along with an advanced design TPU arch brace, helps create better stability and support while holding the foot in a more biomechanically ideal position. This helps achieve propulsion and correct alignment making activities such as running and walking easier, more comfortable and less likely to lead to an injury.

The Ultimate Performance Advanced F3D Insole is available now.

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