Jul 14, 09

Somnio - the world’s first fully customisable running shoe

Somnio - the world’s first fully customisable running shoe

Somnio http://www.somniorunning.com is an independent running shoe company with a totally new concept in shoe fitting. It allows you to provide a genuine custom solution that will mirror your customer’s running biomechanics - even those with asymmetrical needs!

The secret of Somnio’s success is that with each base shoe you get three types of insoles, cushioning inserts (forefoot and lateral heel) and varus wedges. A patented ‘Line Up’ device (complete with lasers) can quickly determine arch height, cushioning and wedge requirements.

All in all, it is easy to increase (or decrease) the shoe’s sole density, improving shock attenuate (cushioning) and enhancing propulsion. You can also improve foot and leg alignment with the varus wedges and accommodate foot function with the right insole. These components can be mix and matched to give 648 unique shoe variations…that’s Somnio!

The three base shoes are:
Premium cushion running shoe for minimal or no pronation, slightly curved lasted.

Exact Change:
A high performance structured cushion shoe for mild to moderate pronation, slightly curved lasted, dual density midsole.

Mission Control:
The most stable structured cushion shoe for moderate to excessive over-pronators, straight lasted, dual density midsole.

Somnio is owned and run by runners. Somnio has also taken great care in reducing its impact on the environment, right down to the box the shoes come in - it can be thrown straight onto the compost heap as there’s no bad inks or ugly glue.

Mar-Systems (http://www.mar-systems.co.uk) are distributing the shoes in the UK and Ireland. For more information call 01344 623883.


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