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Skins moves into triathlon

Skins moves into triathlon

Skins has launched its first triathlon clothing range - the Tri400.

Comprised of a suit, pair of shorts and separate top, each garment has been developed using laser body mapping, motion capture and revolutionary Wi-Fi compression measurement. 

The first two techniques were used to take 800,000 individual measurements and assess 400 key body-fitting points on hundreds of athletes - both serious amateurs and professionals.

The use of a state-of-the-art, multi-sensor measuring device - for the first time ever in the sporting goods industry - enabled compression to be calculated accurately on athletes in motion. 

This level of precision has also led to the creation of unique stretch panels on Tri400 garments. 

These ‘Memory MX’ panels cover key muscle groups, allowing complete flexibility and providing triathletes with maximum forward arm motion and unrestricted lateral movement. The panels are combined with a sleek Toray fabric that minimises drag while in the water to assist a smoother, more efficient swimming action. 

Back on land, an integrated triathlon-specific chamois provides maximum comfort on the bike, while carbon panels on the inside leg of the suits and shorts reduce friction when running by a massive 40 per cent. Full coverage of the thigh muscles means complete support, helping race endurance.

Each garment uses Skins’ dynamic gradient compression, which provides precise levels of pressure in the right places for muscle support and to accelerate blood flow, thereby enhancing oxygen delivery to active muscles, resulting in improved performance, greater endurance and faster recovery. 

The way Skins fabric achieves this is via panels that are stitched together to target specific muscles. This is in contrast to many other compression and base layers, which use a basic circular knit where the fabric comes out in one uniform piece and where pressure can only be applied indiscriminately, if at all.

On top of all this, each Tri 400 garment is excellent at wicking, as well as being treated with an anti-microbial wash to help prevent odour, and provides unrivalled sun safety with 50+ UV protection. 

As well as the Tri400 range, Skins has introduced its new RY400 recovery tights and top. Wearing these garments after sport or prolonged exercise can help eliminate muscle soreness and improve muscle recovery time

The Tri400 suit features a front zip for easy access and comes in two colour waves, black/white/yellow and royal blue/black/yellow. The shorts and sleeveless top come in b/w/y.

Tri400 RRPs: suit £124.99; shorts £54.99; sleeveless top £59.99. All products are male-only (female versions are planned).

Both RY400 garments come in male and female versions. The tights are available in graphite, the top in both graphite and white. RRPs: tights £69.99; top £59.99. 

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