Feb 15, 09

Skins ICE

Skins ICE

Sportsmen and women can now defy convention and slip on another layer when they’re feeling the heat thanks to Skins, the Australian high-tech clothing firm.

The company has introduced a world first in sports clothing - a range of gradient compression tops and tights that also create a cooling sensation over the body and help enable clearer thinking when under pressure. This is made possible by Skins’ use of Microencapsulation Technology (MET), which embeds thousands of tiny menthol microcapsules, invisible to the naked eye, into the garments. When these microcapsules are agitated by perspiration, friction, pressure or the wearer’s body temperature rising, they release a cooling menthol substance that stimulates thermo receptors on the surface of the skin. This in turn triggers nerves which transmit signals to the brain that induce a sensation of ‘‘cold’. (The muscles and skin are not actually being cooled, rather the perception is being created. Cooling the muscles would be detrimental, especially during activity).  A subtle menthol aroma is also released that further evokes the cool sensation.

ICE’s cooling abilities are boosted by Skins’ use of mesh panels underneath the arms, behind the knees and in the crotch area, ensuring greater breathability. In addition, the range uses Skins’ ‘CROM’ (Complete Range of Movement) technology to ensure greater comfort and freedom of movement. This has been achieved by placing seamless knit panels on the inner elbows and behind the knees, plus motion-friendly panels across the entire shoulder area.

Wearers of ICE will obviously also benefit from the unique benefits of Skins’ proprietary fabric, which applies pressure to specific parts of the body using engineered gradient compression. That means, unlike most compression products, pressure is applied over specific body parts - as opposed to an indiscriminate tightening effect. This actively triggers an acceleration in blood flow - increasing oxygen delivery to working muscles to enhance their performance. Skins have got extensive scientific evidence to show that the company’s products actually work - they’re also, unusually, endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Skins’ proven benefits are:

• Enhanced circulation, increased oxygenation and reduced lactic acid build-up.
• More focused muscle power.
• Minimised muscle vibration, resulting in less soft tissue damage and muscle soreness.
• The delayed onset of, and reduction in, muscle soreness.
• Accelerated recovery time.

On top of all that, Skins’ products are excellent at wicking (the fabric promotes evaporative cooling), are treated with an antibacterial material and provide sun safety with 50+ UV protection. The menthol effect in ICE garments lasts for approximately 10 washes, but every ICE garment also comes with a can of recharge spray - giving a further 5-10 uses. Additional cans are available from Skins stockists.

Skins ICE - Mens & Womens. Longsleeve top - £69.99. 
Shortsleeve top - £64.99.
Tights - £79.99. 
Half-tights - £54.99. 
Recharge cans - £TBC. 
Stockists: and use the postcode locator, or call 01543 420550.

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