Skins golf range

Skins golf range

Until now, technical innovation in golf has been predominantly restricted to clubs, balls and weatherproof clothing. 
That’s changed with the launch by Skins, the high-tech Australian clothing firm, of its G400 golfing range - technical base layer clothing specifically designed to combat the unique stresses and strains that golf puts on the body.

The seven G400 garments - tops (including thermal versions), tights, shorts and sleeves - are worn underneath a golfer’s outer clothing layer and are designed for year-round use. 

Each uses Skins’ ‘dynamic gradient compression’, which provides precise levels of pressure in the right places for muscle support and to accelerate blood flow, thereby enhancing oxygen delivery to active muscles, resulting in improved performance, greater endurance and faster recovery. 

The way Skins fabric achieves this is via panels that are stitched together to target specific muscles.

In addition, the company has chosen golf as the first sport in which it takes a further technical step forward by using a laser body-mapping system that assesses 400 key fitting points. This level of precision (800,000 individual measurements were taken of hundreds of athletes) has also led to the creation of new stretch panels on G400 tops and tights. 

These ‘Memory MX’ panels cover key muscle groups, allowing complete flexibility and lateral rotation without restriction. Crucially, they consistently return to their original shape after a golfing movement - thereby retaining the dynamics required for the next stroke the wearer takes.

The combination of these technical developments means that the garments also help ensure all muscles involved when swinging a club effectively work in unison and promote a heightened sense of body movement and spatial awareness. 

On top of all this, each G400 garment is excellent at wicking, as well as being treated with an anti-microbial wash to help prevent odour. They also provide unrivalled sun safety with 50+ UV protection - perfect for those coming summer months on the course. 

David Ling, Skins’ general manager in the UK, says: “Golf represented a major challenge for us as we needed to combine dynamic gradient compression with the specific technical and physical needs of golf and a golfer. 

“The sport requires a unique combination of endurance, stability, flexibility and explosive power. Also, to be able to repeat a swing with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy, you need consistent levels of strength and fitness.  This is where G400 can not only maintain, but really raise your game.” 

G400 RRPs: long tights £69.99; long-sleeve tops £59.99-£64.99; short-sleeve tops £49.99; shorts £44.99; sleeves (pair) £29.99; calf tights (pair) £24.99.


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