Shock Doctor Carbon Flex Box

Shock Doctor Carbon Flex Box

Shock Doctor, the leading innovator worldwide in sports protection, has released its Carbon Flex Box in the UK. The launch, scheduled to coincide with a terrific summer of cricket, including the ICC T20 World Cup and a much-awaited Ashes series, will signal the arrival of one of the most advanced pieces of core sports protection available.

The Carbon Flex Box is the first abdominal guard to offer dual stage protection. The floating carbon layer sits above the main body of the box, taking the initial shock of the impact. The shock is then redirected to the orbital gel pad and away from the vital and most vulnerable areas.

As with Shock Doctor’s world-beating mouthguards, the new Carbon Flex Box is revolutionary in design and performance. In this most essential, but often neglected, area of personal protection Shock Doctor has delivered an innovative, unique and ground-breaking solution.

If you upgrade one piece of your cricket kit this year, it should be this!


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