Jul 12, 10

Shock Absorber launches racket-only sports bra

Shock Absorber launches racket-only sports bra

Shock Absorber is set to revolutionise tennis kits and show its support with its innovative RACKET sports bra.

The RACKET bra has targeted support, comfort and performance - allowing women to focus entirely on their game. 

Research found that tennis causes an increase in lateral breast movement due to stretches, side lunges and body rotation during serves.

The Shock Absorber RACKET bra features advanced lateral support and ‘Strap Glide’ technology for enhanced freedom of movement. During testing, lateral bounce was reduced by up to 78 per cent.

So as you pick up your tennis racket, don’t forget the other essential piece of kit: your Shock Absorber RACKET bra.

Key features include:
• ‘Dynamic-M’ support system, offering targeted support to reduce lateral breast movement.

• Seamless, all-in-one strap with innovative ‘Strap Glide’ technology to allow freedom of arm movement.

• Low coverage design - a key fashion consideration for racket sports.

• Advanced front adjustability - customise for perfect fit.

• Wide, padded straps with non-slip technology.

The Shock Absorber RACKET bra is available in white/pink and has an RRP of

Size range: 30-36 A, 30-38 B-F.

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