Feb 28, 08

SE Racing Lager 700C single speed bike

SE Racing Lager 700C single speed bike

SE Racing was one of the original BMX companies from the late 1970s and is famous for the PK Ripper BMX and the Floval Flyer Cruiser.

This particular bike is what is known as a ‘fixie’ (fixed wheel), so when you peddle backwards you go backwards. The sub-culture of riding ‘fixies’ is the uber-cool thing to do at the moment. Most of the time people ride with no brakes - using just the fixed wheel to slow themselves down.

• Fixed/Freewheel rear hub

• 100% Cr-Mo Frame

• Triple Butted Cr-Mo Fork

• Pizazz Bullhorn Bars

• FSA Vero 170mm Cranks

• Alex Crostini R1.1 Double Wall Rims

• Available in 49cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, and 61cm sizes

• Silky smooth looks and quality parts built around a CR-MO frame

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