Saint Felix School has the GFORCE

Saint Felix School has the GFORCE

Situated in the idyllic town of Southwold, Saint Felix School takes its sporting performance very seriously. As a result, it decided the time had come to bring its sports kit up to date - and turned to the GFORCE range by Gymphlex to deliver a range of garments fit for the school’s illustrious surroundings.

A recent netball tournament in Torquay was the catalyst for embarking on the quest for new team kit. Of the decision to choose Gymphlex, Catherine Fuller, buyer for Saint Felix Shop School, says: “We attended the Schoolwear Show last year with the express purpose of finding a new supplier that was able to provide us with a very contemporary kit - one which the pupils would be eager to wear. One glance at the GFORCE stand told me we had found the supplier for us. Initially we only bought garments for the team playing in the tournament, but these have been incredibly well received and we are now in the process of ordering the new netball kit across both the junior and senior schools. Although these will not be officially introduced until September, I am getting daily enquiries from impatient pupils asking if the new kit has arrived!”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside the team at Gymphlex, who have done their utmost every step of the way to ensure all my questions are answered as quickly as possible. Having access to computer aided visuals has infinitely speeded up the decision-making process for us and the finished kit has exceeded all my expectations.”

Produced in the school colours of bottle green, gold and navy, the team kit comprises a Bebu Netball shirt, which was tailored for a female fit and does not expose the midriff when the players reach to throw or catch the ball. Modesty was also the reason why Saint Felix chose the flexible skort. The kit itself was personalised with the addition of player initials, the school badge and ‘Saint Felix Netball - Torquay 2009’. In addition, the school also chose to have their own branding on the neck label - Saint Felix School by GFORCE.

Following the success of the netball kit, Saint Felix School has just introduced a new tennis jacket and team strip for the first 11 cricket team for the junior and senior school. Saint Felix is also currently working with Gymphlex to create a new uniform for all junior and senior school pupils.


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