Oct 02, 13

Rugby league teams use booost oxygen to give them the edge

Rugby league teams use booost oxygen to give them the edge

Several top rugby league teams have embraced sports newest energy supplement - canned oxygen.

Doncaster Dons, Huddersfield Giants, Leeds Rhinos, Leigh Centurions, Warrington Wolves, Widnes Vikings and Hull RLFC are all using the product from British-based booost oxygen.

Rugby league is a sport well suited to using oxygen as a supplement due to its high intensity, with games effectively being a series of very short, very fast sprints.

Players use oxygen during training as well to help them get through the ‘training wall’.

In addition, rugby clubs are using booost pre-match and in their pitch side bottle holders, so that players can take a few shots when they need to. 

“After using booost, we won everything,” Doncaster Dons owner Carl Hall says of the club’s best ever season.

And professional player, Gregg McNally, says: “I’d recommend booost to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and push themselves in a high intensity sport.”

Oxygen works because it reduces oxygen debt in people working at high aerobic intensity and, unlike other energy supplements, contains no sugar, caffeine or calories. Plus there is no post-oxygen energy low.

There is a strong recovery component with oxygen - breathing almost pure oxygen helps clear lactic acid from the muscles and helps to start the cellular repair process after exertion.

Supplemental oxygen was at one time on the WADA banned list, but was subsequently removed.

booost oxygen, based in Oxfordshire, has quickly become Europe’s number one sports oxygen brand.

Its product is available in two sizes - the 20-shot travel tank and the 100-shot super tank.

With a completely natural peppermint flavour, each contains the highest purity of oxygen currently on the market (99.5 per cent).

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