Feb 15, 11

Rucanor 55 years ‘vintage’ an ispo success

Rucanor 55 years ‘vintage’ an ispo success

Rucanor presented its NOS Never Out of Stock in-store concept at ispo - with great success.

Says Rucanor CEO Martijn Nelissen: “It was five years since our last presentation at ispo - the number of visitors exceeded our expectation and we received a relatively high number of orders.”

The NOS programme winter 2011 was the dominant theme during the presentation at ispo.

Accessories such as snow boots and the new line with seamless thermo attracted a lot of attention.

International distributors were interested in NOS Essentials, the ‘basic’ part of the programme, with timeless and functional clothing and accessories.

Says Nelissen: “Essentials are the ‘no risk’ part of the NOS programme. It is about the primary level of the offering in the shop - you cannot work without it.

“And this is of course an interesting offer for distributors. They also discover the efficiency of the NOS programme.”

In addition to the Essentials part of the programme, Rucanor paid a lot of attention to the Q3 programme during ispo.

Q3 is the new line, and is described as a ‘young style fashion statement’ with ‘serious stuff for kids’.

Says Nelissen: “With a compact fashion part in our programme, we aim to make it easy for the retailer to present much more than the functional items.

“The Q3 programme was well received. The surprising effect is that our order book improved compared to last year.

“We see that our programme meets the expectation in the market.

“In addition, there is still a growing attention for the NOS in-store concept.

“The prevention of ‘lost sales’ is the message the market is waiting for.”

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