Puma PowerCat 1.10

Puma PowerCat 1.10

Puma’s PowerCat 1.10 is the perfect combination of engineering and comfort.

Featuring stand-out technology, this is the boot of choice for true football players. The injected 3D Puma Power Shooting Technology, located in the boot’s kicking area, increases shooting power whilst maintaining the ball’s
touch and feel.

Due to its extremely high rebound properties, the Puma 3D PST does not absorb the typical amount of energy felt upon ball impact and releases more power with every shot.

The kicking area is increased, thanks to the off-centred lacing system, and the Puma PowerLast follows the foot’s natural contours, allowing it to mould to the player’s foot and provide a glove-like fit. 

Made from super-soft kangaroo leather, these boots provide ultimate comfort for the athlete. The PowerCat 1.10 not only provides great protection, power and comfort,  through the blade stud configuration the player will also experience smooth ground penetration and pressure distribution, whilst still being able to move around quickly.

The PowerCat 1.10 boot will be worn by Puma players, including Michael Carrick, Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Hennessey.

RRP: £125.


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