Aug 24, 15

Professional and Olympic athletes celebrate TITIN’s benefits

Professional and Olympic athletes celebrate TITIN’s benefits of versatility and comfort by calling TITIN apparel their “Secret Weapon”. TITIN believes in designing our products around the human anatomy. Our proprietary gel weights are the same density as your own muscle and can be heated or frozen for use as a mobile ice-bath.

TITIN offers evenly distributed weight under compression to all athletes, worldwide. Our product line is shaking up the industry by incorporating breathable anti-microbial fabric with solidified gel weights. “I have had TITIN for over 3 years now and it kicks my ass every time I use it!” states Wing Player for Ospreys Rugby, Hanno Dirksen.

TITIN fits like a glove and will not shift during workouts because it feels like your own muscle, thereby allowing you to focus on your workout rather than compensating your range of motion when using other bulky and cumbersome training tools.
As quoted by Atlanta’s Dr. Jong W. Lee, DC, who specializes in sports injuries and athletic performance care; “There are so many weighted vests out there, but we believe TITIN is the only one that you can work WITH the weight, not AGAINST the weight. This is the true performance enhancing gear.” TITIN UP YOUR OWN WORKOUT, TODAY.

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