Jun 04, 08

Polar launches the CS600 Pro Team Edition

Polar launches the CS600 Pro Team Edition

To celebrate its presence at the heart of the world’s premier road race, Polar has launched the CS600 Pro Team Edition, allowing cyclists of all abilities to use the most trusted heart rate-based training tool amongst professional cyclists.

As the official Heart Rate Monitor supplier to 11 professional cycling teams, this year’s Tour de France will see 99 professional riders use Polar’s world leading cycling technology to push themselves to their limits and beyond in search of the coveted yellow jersey.

The CS600 Pro Team Edition with Power Output Sensor W.I.N.D is the most complete cycling system on the market for serious performance-oriented riders and their coaches, providing features for planning, monitoring and analysing training. With the CS600’s cycling efficiency feature you can also improve your cycling economy to succeed in those long and exhausting races

Polar’s latest design cycling computer is packed with accurate, advanced features, including speed, distance, efficiency, incline, power output and cadence measurement, as well as Polar’s world-leading heart rate monitoring technology and wireless connectivity.

Key features include:
Polar OwnOptimizer™ - resting is as important as training and Polar’s OwnOptimizer test informs you as to whether you have recovered enough for your next training session. This valuable test produces a description of your personal training status and is an easy and reliable way to determine whether your training programme is optimally developing your performance.

Polar Sport Zones - this provides an easy way to select and keep an eye on the intensity of your training. The monitor divides training into five zones based on percentages of your maximum heart rate, allowing you to ensure you are working at the correct level you personally require.

With Polar’s simple-to-use and discreet bike accessories, your cycling computer can not only transfer data from your body, but as quick as the wheels are turning you can instantly read and record all that your bike is telling you. 

Power output - the Complete Cycling System is an optional feature, allowing riders to control the intensity of their cycling exercise. The complete all-in-one, wireless, training tool measures riders’ power output in comparison with their heart rate, left-right balance, pedaling index, cadence, speed and distance. Power output is the most accurate way to control your cycling training intensity.

The CS600 Pro Team Edition is now available from leading sport stores at a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of £284.50. For more information on Polar’s new cycling computer, or to gain a further insight into how Polar’s heart rate monitors can help you achieve your training goals, visit

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