Mitre launches the TENSILE

Mitre launches the TENSILE

Mitre has launched The Football League and SPL’s official match ball of the 2010/11 season.

Comprised of just 10 panels and with 30 per cent less stitching, the TENSILE (RRP £74.99) optimises power and efficiency, improving airflow and reducing drag on the ball. This increases the average speed of a shot, making it a striker’s dream.

Each of the 72 Football League clubs and 12 SPL Clubs will have their own TENSILE matchballs printed in club colours and their club badge.

Nick Crook, marketing manager for Mitre, says: “Mitre are committed to ball performance. We are very proud of the TENSILE and the innovation and technology used to create the ball underlies what Mitre has been associated with for nearly 200 years.

“The TENSILE is a player’s ball, uses the very latest technology and we’ve no doubt it will add to the excitement and spectacle of the new season - and hopefully more goals.”


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