Apr 20, 16

Michael Phelps, Bob Bowman and Aqua Sphere unveil MP brand 2016 USA racing kit

Aqua Sphere and Michael Phelps have unveiled the first-ever limited edition MP brand USA competition kit.

The USA patriotic-themed edition of the MP line was developed utilizing Aqua Sphere’s proprietary technology, Exo-Core, which serves as the platform to the XPRESSO racing suit (available in men’s and women’s styles), XCEED goggle and X-O racing cap.

Phelps and long-time coach Bob Bowman worked closely with Aqua Sphere engineers to develop the MP brand racing kit that features performance driven designs and global engineering resources from Italy, France, Germany and the United States.

Phelps, who is utilising the full, FINA-approved MP competitive line in 2016, competed in the first MP product - the XPRESSO racing suit - last season and produced the three fastest times (100 fly, 200 fly and 200 IM) under FINA-approved textile suit guidelines.

Todd Mitchell, business line manager of Aqua Sphere, says: “Michael and Bob have been instrumental in providing our team of designers with insight and guidance to develop a performance driven full racing system for the MP brand.

“We were able to leverage the same dual material technology platform from the XPRESSO suit, Exo-Core and apply it to the new XCEED goggles and X-O racing cap for the 2016 MP line.”

The MP XCEED goggle leverages Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lens providing, enhanced clarity and expanded field of vision.

Engineered with Exo-Core technology, the goggle combines two materials for maximum performance, while offering stability and durability.

The ultra-soft anatomic Softeril gaskets provide a watertight seal with an exceptionally comfortable fit.

The MP X-O swim cap incorporates hydrodynamics into the design to maximise drag reduction, especially along the hairline and back of the head.

With integrated, dual density stretch zones, stabilising ribs, and internal dimpling, the cap offers a sleek and secure fit.

Released in 2015, the MP XPRESSO combines Aqua Sphere’s proprietary Exo-Foil and Aqua-Core fabrics to deliver the innovative dual fabric technology, Exo-Core, in a racing suit that not only provides compression, hydrodynamic material and bonded seams, but also offers increased flexibility and range of motion that allows athletes to maintain relaxed muscles before and during competition to maximise peak performance.

The Exo-Core construction features strategically placed panels designed to reduce energy dissipation through compressive support, while allowing for increased circulation throughout the leg and femoral artery.

The panels work in conjunction with the XPRESSO’s proprietary fabric to offer athletes an unprecedented range of motion in a competitive racing suit.

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