Feb 17, 14

Lonsdale launches X-Lite Performance Training range

Lonsdale launches X-Lite Performance Training range

Designed for all fighters, special high-tech materials have been incorporated into the state-of-the-art design to create tough, durable, ultra lightweight equipment with specific shaped padded zones to optimise impact absorption.

A new dimension to training is provided by the use of an outer shell construction on all products, which utilises ultra strong, lightweight and moisture wicking materials.

Anatomically designed, pre-shaped padded zones deliver maximum protection and impact dispersement, while offering incredible comfort and fit.

Highlights of the new X-Lite Performance Range include:

X-Lite fight gloves
The three-product line-up includes bag, training and MMA striking gloves.

The new gloves feature a unique outer shell construction utilising ultra strong lightweight materials.

Special L:Core technology layered foam inner padding delivers optimum hand protection specifically designed for intense training use.

Products in this range also feature X-Lite shaped padded zones, giving ultimate wrist and hand protection, while a new moisture control system helps keep hands cool and comfortable at all times with 3D mesh on the inner palm.

The X-Lite fight gloves are a high specification entry level collection in a stylish yellow on black design.

Head and body protection
Specific protection products including head and shin guards.

The X-Lite headguard incorporates ultimate protection through its unique outer shell construction and L:Core layered foam inner padding.

With a total weight of 280g, the guard is ultra lightweight and offers maximum vision while providing optimum protection.

The X-Lite shinguard uses the same outer shell construction and L:Core technology, but also incorporates X-Lite shaped padded zones for ultimate shin and foot protection.

All products feature the new moisture control system to keep the head and leg cool even in the heat of the most demanding sparing and training sessions.

Coaching pads
X-Lite focus pads are a must have for coaches.

They feature specially designed lightweight padding designed to absorb and dissipate shock, combined with a ventilating mesh to the reverse for added comfort.

The hook and jab pads also feature reinforced wrist padding for additional support, styled with signature Lonsdale branding.

Ian Campbell, Lonsdale general manager, says: “We take fight sports very seriously at Lonsdale and we were determined to ensure we applied the same levels of dedication, innovation and expertise into our fight products as we have with our boxing products throughout our successful 50-year history.

“Our new X-Lite training range showcases our innovative research into product
design through using new materials and technologies.

“Throughout our history the world’s most famous boxers have used our products to gain success in the fight arena - this new range will help
a new generation of fighters and prospects to also become champions.”

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