Sep 02, 10

K•Swiss shoes to feature ion-mask technology

K•Swiss shoes to feature ion-mask technology

K•Swiss has teamed up with P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, in a move that is set to revolutionise the performance of its two latest products - the Kwicky Blade-Light training shoe and California running shoe.

Both have both been developed with P2i’s ion-mask technology, which applies a nanoscopic protective polymer layer to the whole shoe so that when liquids hit the surface they simply roll off, instead of being absorbed by the shoe fabric.

“The ion-mask technology blew our elite athlete wear testers away, and they’re a pretty tough crowd to please,” says David Bond, vice president of Product for K•Swiss Inc.

“They found that our running shoes, when treated, stayed dry and light even in extreme conditions. They also noticed that ion-mask kept their shoes cleaner.”

Since ion-mask gives the whole shoe (including the stitching) superior water repellency, it delivers two crucial benefits: it stops external water getting in and encourages evaporated perspiration to flow out.

As a result, shoes dry out more quickly, won’t get heavier over time and maintain the natural airflow of their construction material.

Although the presence of ion-mask is imperceptible to wearers - its protective layer is one thousand times thinner than a human hair - it is molecularly bonded to the whole shoe surface, and thus is extremely durable.

In practice ion-mask lasts as long as the shoe material itself and is not compromised by everyday flexing during wear.

Plus, by resisting the absorption of water, ion-mask helps guard against stains and dirt residue.

Bond adds: “The addition of P2i’s ion-mask technology, which we believe to be the most innovative moisture management technology available on the market, positions the latest additions to the K•Swiss family at the cutting edge of sports footwear.”

Stephen Coulson, CTO of P2i, says: “The recognition by this prestigious footwear brand of the benefits which can be achieved with our revolutionary liquid repellent nano-coating technology further validates the effectiveness of ion-mask.

“The previous generation of membrane and thick chemicals simply cannot match the amazing levels of performance that it has been shown to deliver.”

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