Jun 21, 22

Koolpak - Instant Ice Packs

Instant Ice Packs
Instant Ice Packs are now seen as an essential item in any first aid kit and because of
their multipurpose use they are perfect for treating soft tissue injuries, burns, bruising
and for reducing inflammation.
The Original Instant Ice Pack is perfect for wrapping around the injured area due to its longer pack size. The Sport
Instant Ice Pack can help speed up recovery times due to the lower temperature that the pack can achieve.
The Kool Kids Cold Packs are one of the only first aid items that are recommended for use in schools. The Compact
Instant Ice Packs are great for use on smaller areas and provide immediate relief to an injured area.

Original Instant Ice Pack
• The best-selling ice pack on the market
• Longer bag size is ideal for wrapping around injured area
• Minimal risk of cross infection
• Pack can remain cold for up to 40 mins at room temperature

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