Nov 15, 20

KoolBead Reusable Hot & Cold Retail Pack

• Perfect to be used for either hot or cold therapy
• Great for treating soft tissue injuries
• Flexible gel bead technology conforms to the body and
distributes the temperature evenly to the injured area
• Use cold to reduce swelling, bruising and pain
• When heated the pack is the perfect solution to relax stiff
muscles and encourage blood flow to aid with healing
• Ultra-soft fabric backing for patient comfort
• Reusable pack delivers up to 20 minutes soothing relief

Code Description Qty Per Case
KBHCR8 KoolBead Reusable Hot & Cold Pack - 17 x 28cm 8

Tel: 0800 180 4285 Fax: 0870 622 1133 Web: http://www.koolpak.co.uk Email:[email protected]

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