Mar 11, 13

Jordan Fitness unveils pink kettlebell

Jordan Fitness unveils pink kettlebell

Functional fitness specialist Jordan Fitness has launched a new pink kettlebell.

Available in a 6kg weight, it’s made from cast iron and has an eye catching pink coloured neoprene covered base.

As always with Jordan products, the neoprene covering is not only funky, but also functional, protecting both the floor and the bells from damage.

It also comes complete with a one year guarantee from manufacturing faults.

The pink kettlebell is part of a range of coloured kettlebells produced by Jordan Fitness - with weights available in 4kg increments from 4kg up to 40kg.

The 6kg size is proving to be a popular product in the range, helping users progress in weight more easily than jumping from 4kg to 8kg.

The kettlebells have a handle-to-bell distance optimally designed to ensure comfort and safety by sitting on the forearm and not the wrist during exercise.

The bells can be used individually or as a pair and are perfectly balanced to stand alone.

Jordan Fitness supplies a range of sets, from women’s beginner through to heavier advanced sets and racks.

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