Sep 10, 13

Jordan Fitness new Soft Plyometric Boxes

Jordan Fitness has introduced a new range of Soft Plyometric Boxes to their extensive range of performance functional fitness equipment.

Made from high density foam, the new Soft Plyometric Boxes from Jordan Fitness are covered with hard wearing, non-skid vinyl. The foam is designed to absorb some of the impact during a landing. For many athletes and gym users, one of the potential effects with plyometrics and jump training is the volume of stress going through the foot, ankle, knees and hips – Jordan Fitness’ Soft Plyometric Boxes decrease that problem. The boxes help users develop power, reactive strength and cardio workouts. 

“The Soft Plyometric Boxes are a great alternative to the Jordan Fitness current hard Plyometrics Platforms which provide a solid base to push off from, for example when performing box drives”, says Neil Jordan, Managing Director at Jordan Fitness.

“They will not breakdown or soften over time and they are a great addition to your gym, functional training area, PT space or studio. Soft Plyometric Boxes are ideal for Cross Fit gyms, sports clubs, children’s training areas and can also be used outdoors.”

The Jordan Fitness set of five colourful boxes, which can also be purchased individually, and range from 76mm to 609mm in height and can be stacked together up to a height of 1600mm. The boxes are attached together with strong velcro straps to help ensure safety during use.

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