Jan 31, 13

Isle of Man cricket team triumphant in GFORCE

Isle of Man cricket team triumphant in GFORCE

Gymphlex would like to extend its warmest congratulations to the Isle of Man cricket team, who have returned from a recent tour of Corfu as triumphant victors.

This win secures a spot in Division 1 for next season, where a top two finish would mean they would gain a place for the World Cup Twenty 20 qualifiers for 2014.

Gymphlex feels particularly proud of the team, as throughout their games they have been resplendent in GFORCE, wearing both training kits and coloured clothing from the high performance sportswear range.

The team put in some great performances, beating Sweden in the final to scoop the trophy.

Club manager Gareth Dawson comments on the team’s success: “We were over the moon to win the championship in Corfu.

“For a relatively small club that has only been playing since 2004, this is a really big deal.

“We are all feeling very positive for next year and cannot wait for the new season to get started.

“The GFORCE kits performed very well, both in the UK and abroad, and Gymphlex have been great to deal with.

“We look forward to working with them again next year.”

If rules and procedures stay as they are, finishing in the top two next year would also afford the team the opportunity to take part in the World Cricket League Division 8 qualifier.

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