Sep 08, 15

HYPERICE is a recovery and movement enhancement technology company

HYPERICE is a recovery and movement enhancement technology company specializing in portable high performance sports medicine and orthopaedic devices that provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance. The company’s signature product is a two-part ice compression system composed of an ultra-thin ice cell featuring patented air-release technology and a specially designed compression wrap for each of the body’s major muscles and joints. The innovative two-part system acts together to harness the power of real ice, which optimizes cold compression therapy and enhances the body’s natural recovery mechanisms.

HYPERICE’s latest innovation, The VYPER, is the world’s first high intensity vibrating fitness roller. The VYPER delivers 3-speeds of vibration powered by a rechargeable 16.8 Lithium Ion battery. Unlike a traditional foam roller, the VYPER features a German engineered roller which effectively transfers maximum vibration to the body. The VYPER can be used to increase range of motion and flexibility and to increase circulation. The VYPER is ideal for warming up the body before physical activity and for recovery after.

HYPERICE’s ground-breaking technology is setting the standard for active recovery systems.

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