Feb 10, 11

GFORCE flexibility modernises cricket kit

GFORCE flexibility modernises cricket kit

Taking advantage of the new range of contemporary cricket wear, Yoxford Cricket Club have just invested in a state-of-the-art kit from GFORCE Performance Apparel.

After playing in traditional cricket whites throughout their history, they decided to ring the changes by choosing a fresh and contemporary approach to cricket wear.

The new kit clearly reflects the image of the club, incorporating the team colours with red piping and blue coloured panels. In addition, using the G-SUB service, the club badge has been added to the garment, while a red flash on the inside of the button collar gives the shirt a very distinctive style. 

“Yoxford initially asked me to look at a new kit for the youth team, but were so impressed with the GFORCE garments that they quickly asked me to look at designs for a senior kit too,” says Catherine Fuller, buyer for Yoxford Cricket Club.

“We now have 60 players in the new GFORCE kit, and as a result their image is absolutely superb.

“Not only that, but while sporting the new garments one of the senior players broke a club record during a recent match, scoring an incredible 400.

“Let’s hope the kit supports the continuation of this amazing performance during next year’s season.”

Developed by Gymphlex Ltd, GFORCE Performance Apparel gives sports team, clubs, schools and colleges greater flexibility than ever before.

Cricket teams and clubs now commonly take a less traditional approach to the cricket white, choosing to use coloured piping, flashes and panels to enhance the branding within their kit.

To support teams, GFORCE offer a wide range of fabrics and colours, meaning that with a minimum order of only 15, teams can easily build their own bespoke kit to fit their individual requirements.

If you are interested in the GFORCE collection call Gymphlex on 01507 523 243 or visit

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