Nov 11, 14

Free social media guides for retailers at STAG UK Winter Buying Show

Free Social Media Guides for Retailers at STAG Buying Show

Social media is a great way for independent retailers to communicate and talk to their customers and when used well it can be an incredibly powerful tool that helps businesses increase sales, customer loyalty, average basket transaction and much more. However, many independent retailers don’t have the time, or more importantly the knowledge or understanding on how to best utilise social media.

But at the STAG Buying Group Show in November 23rd - 24th 2014

There is help at hand, Cybertill is compiling Social Media Guides that will give advice and tips on how best to use different social media platforms. At the STAG Buying Show Cybertill will be distributing the Twitter and Instagram guides free of charge to all STAG members.

To ensure members get their copy simply visit the Cybertill stand at the show. Following on from the show there will be other guides available including Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

Also at the STAG Buying Show Cybertill will also be showcasing its latest cloud-based EPoS and ecommerce system. As the software is in the ‘cloud’ this means you can access Cybertill from any location, so you are no longer tied to the store. You can run reports, place orders from anywhere, such as home, on the road, or at a trade show. Cybertill also offers an integrated ecommerce system, including responsive websites, which allows you and your customers to see real time stock levels both in-store and online so you only sell what you have in stock.

Ecommerce solutions for mobile phones, tablets and laptops
Around 1 in 3 online sales in the UK were completed on a smartphone or tablet between May and July this year. Therefore it is becoming increasingly important for retailers to have an ecommerce solution that works on mobile phones and tablets. For retailers there are two options, you either have an additional mobile website or you have a responsive website.

If you have a mobile site, a website designed specifically for mobile devices, this means retailers have to manage two websites (and pay for two websites). With a responsive website the content on it fits and resizes to the screen size it is being viewed on, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Cybertill will also be showcasing its ecommerce platform at the STAG Buying Show, including responsive websites.

STAG Show Details Click Here.


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