Flosole range of gel-filled insoles

Flosole range of gel-filled insoles

Gel Doctor has launched the Flosole range of gel-filled insoles.

Every day the average person takes 18,000 steps, sustaining thousands of pounds of pressure on the numerous bones of the feet. This constant compression can bring on the problems of pain, discomfort and fatigue.

Aching feet, legs and lower back problems are often caused by the muscles in the feet, which in turn reduces blood and oxygen circulation.

The answer to these problems can be found in Flosoles, the uniquely designed, non-toxic, liquid gel-filled insoles that perform three vital actions.

Firstly, they support and cushion the foot during standing, walking, jogging or running.

Secondly, the liquid gel spreads the body load over a greatly increased surface area of your soles, including foot arches. The liquid works its way into the contours of your feet in a way that can’t be achieved in any other way.

And thirdly, with just the slightest body movement the liquid gel flows around the insole channels, and has the effect of massaging the soles of the feet. This, in turn, stimulates blood and oxygen flow, dramatically reducing pain.

Flosole liquid gel insoles come in a range of cool, fashionable colours: yellow with magnet; red and clear in small sizes; blue, green and clear with magnet in large sizes.


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