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Dec 27, 18

Fitness Mad - Mini Power Loops

Mini Power Loops: a set of five different strength mini loops to allow you to customise your workout to your requirements. Lightweight and portable, with included mesh bag. Use for resistance around the ankles, thighs, arms, or add extra reach for stretching. Perfect for strength and conditioning, as well as rehab use.



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Sports retail and mental health

Sports retail and mental health

Shaun Hogan, Senior Associate at Stevens & Bolton LLP, examines how employers can destigmatize mental health issues

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Cycling - Giro d’Italia

11 May - 02 June

Football - EFL play-offs

May 25 - 27 , Wembley Stadium

Motorsport - Isle of Man TT

25 May - 07 June

Tennis - French Open

26 May - 09 June , Paris
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