Jun 26, 09

Dynamic new look for Polar RS800CX

Dynamic new look for Polar RS800CX

Polar Electro has unveiled a cutting-edge new look for its most innovative and advanced training computer to date, the revolutionary RS800CX.

The Pro Team Edition of the training system, the ‘RS800CX PTE’, is set to leave competitors trailing in functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal. Launched as the feature monitor for Polar’s 2009 cycling campaign and ahead of the Tour De
France, in which several competing teams will be using the system, the RS800CX PTE package comes complete with both cycle speed and cadence sensors, as well as Polar’s ProTrainer 5 software.

The RS800CX PTE is coated in a chrome finish, creating a sleek and elegant look to the wrist unit and making the Pro Team Edition lightweight and more streamlined than any of its rivals. In addition, it provides the perfect combination of features to set a new standard for all endurance athletes.

The RS800CX PTE has been designed to provide the user with the most profound understanding in order to improve their technique and performance. With its professional training software, the user can effectively plan and analyse every detail of their training. Taking heart rate-based training to a new level, the RS800CX PTE’s intelligent features allow athletes to enhance their training by providing personalised data about their body and exercise technique. Among a host of performance features, the RS800CX PTE can include GPS route tracking with the addition of the G3 GPS sensor or speed and distance measurements for runners with the s3 stride sensors.

Whether recording speed and distance figures or GPS tracking information, the data can be transferred to Polar’s ProTrainer 5 software for analysis. Using the cadence, speed and s3 stride sensors together, the RS800CX PTE will automatically switch between pace and mph/kph if the user transfers from cycling to running.

With the GPS sensor, the route can be viewed post-exercise on a map using ProTrainer 5 via Google Earth, as the heart rate zone (intensity zones 1-5) used during training is reflected in the colour of the line on the route. The route tracking and heart rate information can also be shared with others in Polar’s online communities.

The G3 sensor was specifically designed as a separate component to prevent additional bulk to the wrist unit and significantly increase battery life beyond those of other monitors on the market. The wrist unit will span around two years, while the sensor will last over 50 hours before a simple AA battery change.

Developed with the knowledge that information is only worth displaying if it can be easily seen and analysed, the RS800CX PTE features one of the biggest, most lucid displays on the market. A fully configurable exercise display also provides countless combinations to provide users with a truly personal and indispensable training partner.

The RS800CX PTE can be a multidiscipline monitor with additional sensor options to suit your specific needs. The G3 GPS sensor can be purchased separately for £121.85 while the s3 footpod can be added for £112.06.

For more information on Polar’s RS800CX PTE training system visit http://www.polarelectro.co.uk.


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