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Oct 01, 08

Dunlop Aerogel World Open squash racket

Dunlop Aerogel World Open squash racket

Dunlop is pleased to announce the launch of the official racket of the Hi-Tec World Squash Championships - Manchester 2008. The racket is the Dunlop Aerogel World Open squash racket, and limited editions will be available to buy at the national championships tournament.

The new World Open racket has been developed using state-of-the-art technological advances to offer increased performance for advanced and intermediate players. Dunlop’s new range of Aerogel rackets incorporates the new cutting edge Dunlop Aerogel technology. The three-dimensional, nanometer-sized molecular network delivers an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio for enhanced stiffness and increased power on all models in the range. Dunlop’s proprietary M-Fil technology is integrated with the Aerogel carbon structure to maximise control and feel-of-ball contact across the racket’s hitting zone, creating the perfect balance between power and control.

Aerogel technology provides stiffness at the top of the frame to produce more power, whilst at the bottom it increases torsional stability for greater control during contact. The combination of M-Fil and Aerogel technology forms the ultimate racket construction.

This racket utilises a headlight balance to deliver a pro player specification. It combines a lengthened handle, widened throat area and denser string pattern to enhance both feel and control whilst retaining power generated through an oversized head.

Further information on the Dunlop World Open Aerogel squash racket:
Head size:              500 sq cm
Strung weight:            137 g
Balance:                Headlight
String pattern:            16x19
SSP:                    £160

The racket will be available to purchase later in the year through the official retailer, sportdiscount.com. For information on Dunlop stockists and other Dunlop products call 0870 838 7374.

Current Dunlop players include Amr Shabana, Gregory Gaultier, Karim Darwish, Stuart Boswell, Ong Beng Hee, Olli Tuominen, Alison Waters, Madeline Perry and Sarah Kippax. All of them endorse the new Dunlop Aerogel technology.

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