Dunlop 2009 tennis racquets

Dunlop 2009 tennis racquets

Dunlop’s range of tennis racquets for the 2009 season combine technology with practicality and draw on the 99-year heritage of the brand creating racquets suitable for all player levels. With top-level pros using Dunlop’s racquets, including Jamie Murray, James Blake and Dominika Cibulkova, Dunlop leads the way in making racquets at the forefront of tennis technology.

The Aerogel 4D range takes technology to a whole new level with the introduction of four-directional braiding, which increases racquet stability and control. Some key racquets from the range include: 

Aerogel 4D 2HUNDRED
This top-of-the-range, 100 per cent graphite racquet is perfect for advanced players who want a racquet that provides fantastic control and stability. Priced at £130, this racquet is used by top players on the circuit. including Tomas Birdych and Jesse Levine.

Aerogel 4D 3HUNDRED Tour
Used by James Blake, this best-selling racquet is ideal for advanced and intermediate players who prefer a lightweight racquet that, thanks to the 4D strategic technology, comes with extra stability and control.

Aerogel 4D 3HUNDRED
Priced at £150, this excellent racquet, as used by Tommy Robredo and Tommy Haas, is ideal for advanced and intermediate players with fantastic stability and control.

Aerogel 4D super lite
This super lightweight racquet is fantastic for beginners and intermediate players, and with its bubblegum pink features is very popular with female players. Priced at £150 and used by Dominika Cibulkova, this racquet combines stability, power and ease of control.


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