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Choosing Hoops to suit with GFORCE

Choosing Hoops to suit with GFORCE

Choosing your own colours for your rugby jersey is nothing new, but GFORCE Performance Apparel from Gymphlex goes one better and gives customers the opportunity to choose precisely how many stripes they want and how wide they want them to be.

Representing the ultimate in flexible teamwear, GFORCE prides itself on offering customers a wide range of choices to suit their needs, and the company’s rugby range is no exception.

The GFORCE hooped jersey is available in a vast range of colours. Customers can also personalise their garment by choosing additional features, such as the traditional or grandad collar.

Adrian Bleach, sales manager at Gymphlex, says: “As our rugby shirts are knitted to order, we realised we were in a position to give our customers the choice of how they wanted their shirt to look.
“The width of stripe can significantly change the look of the jersey, making the team really stand out from the competition.”

The hooped rugby shirt also has the option of a standard three-button placket opening, or the looped neck for a more modern look.

As with all of the GFORCE range, customers can choose to add a number of bespoke features to the jersey. Transfer and badge detail, embroidery and even branded neck tags and tape can be used with great effect to enhance the garment.

Since GFORCE was launched last year it has already become a firm favourite with schools, clubs and teams across the UK as its products are offered with a minimum order of just 15.

Created by sportswear specialist Gymphlex, GFORCE was developed to offer exceptional flexibility and performance, building on Gymphlex’s history and expertise to create a stylish approach to sportswear.

For further information on the GFORCE range call 01507 523243 or visit

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