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Sep 17, 08

Canterbury’s Revolutionary IonX

Canterbury’s Revolutionary IonX

A year on from the official launch, Canterbury of New Zealand is heralding an amazing success story for its IonX range of apparel - with a host of the company’s sponsored teams enjoying exceptional campaigns and winning some illustrious trophies during the 2007/08 season.

Launched for the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the high-performance range of garments use a cutting-edge Ionised Energy Fabric™ that ionises the body through a negatively charged electromagnetic field. This process improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles through the bloodstream, which in turn increases average output by 2.7 per cent and accelerates muscular recovery.

Not only did South Africa, wearing IonX playing strips, go on to win the Rugby World Cup, but Canterbury enjoyed further success during the 2007 /08 season with Portsmouth FC winning the FA Cup, London Wasps winning the Guinness Premiership and Leinster winning the Magners League.

The success story on the pitch has helped to back up the research carried out by Professor Mike Caine, Director of the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University, that showed IonX garments as having two direct impacts on the athletes wearing them - improved performance levels and accelerated recovery rates. The increased level of performance happens thanks to the improved flow of oxygen-enriched blood that creates more energy in the body’s muscles. This helps to raise an athlete’s average power output and in turn improves speed and strength.

The greater transfer of oxygen from the blood to the muscles also has a beneficiary effect on the body’s anaerobic energy system, removing excess residual waste such as lactic acid more efficiently. With recovery rates increased, training or competition can begin again more quickly.

Says Mostyn Thomas, marketing director for Canterbury of New Zealand: “Since the launch of the IonX range in September 2007 the teams benefiting from the technology on a day-to-day basis have enjoyed unprecedented success, winning an amazing collection of trophies. Canterbury has always been regarded as the market leader in ground-breaking kit development and as a company we strive to provide our sponsored teams with a competitive edge on the field of play. IonX has already proven to have a tangible benefit and we are delighted to continue with our support of some of the most exciting and successful teams in the UK and beyond.”


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