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Canterbury unveils new Mercury TCR range for spring/summer 2013

Canterbury unveils new Mercury TCR range for spring/summer 2013

Canterbury of New Zealand has unveiled its spring/summer 2013 Mercury TCR training range.

The new range boasts a host of innovative features, continuing Canterbury’s tradition of producing groundbreaking technical sports apparel.

The ? zip First Layer Top, a construction of 89 per cent polyester and 11 per cent spandex, provides proactive insulation for cold environments, while antimicrobial properties suppress the growth of bacteria.

Advanced technology embedded within the fabric wicks moisture from the skin, while a performance fit cuff increases movement and reduces irritation.

There is a clever heat sealed watch cover disk to protect your timepiece and your glasses need never be dirty again, thanks to a suede lined side pocket that’s perfect for cleaning lenses.

The 100 per cent polyester Singlet, which like the ? First Layer Top is available in striking ‘methyl blue’, and the Pro Tee, which comes in bright ‘orange popsicle’, both feature antimicrobial technology and wick moisture from the skin.

High stretch transfix logos feature on a breathable fabric, which aids ventilation and cooling throughout training.

This is helped by a mesh panel at the back of the garments that improves breathability.

The Singlet’s 3-D construction adds shape and increases movement, while Flatlock seams improve comfort.

The Mercury TCR Compression Tailored Suit uses graded compression in key zones of the lower sleeve (from wrist to elbow) and lower leg (from knee to ankle) to aid blood circulation.

This in turn can assist in a higher venous return (volume of blood returning to the heart), resulting in faster removal of lactic acid, improved warm up time and the ability to exercise harder for longer.

The constant compression element of the garment reduces muscle oscillation by up to 50 per cent and muscle soreness by up to 30 per cent following prolonged periods of exercise.

This reduction can be attributed to a delayed lactate onset, promoting shorter recovery time and a quicker return to training and competition.

Sweat is transported from the skin’s surface and evaporated by breathable fabric, which helps to achieve a constant body temperature.

This innovative fabric meets the demanding LYCRA SPORT ENERGY fabric standards, enabling garments to maintain originally engineered compression levels.

Setting it apart from its competitors, the fabric of the Mercury TCR Compression Tailored Suit gives a natural feel and stretch to the clothing that is striking in a performance engineered material.

Chris Stephenson, CEO of Canterbury of New Zealand, says: “At Canterbury we pride ourselves on being at the pinnacle of performance sportswear technology and our Mercury TCR spring/summer 2013 range builds on our most advanced apparel ever produced.

“We want to ensure our customers have an edge over their competitors and that they are able to identify a tangible difference in their performance, but also in their recovery.

“Whatever they are doing and wherever they are doing it, we want them to look stylish too and we believe this new spring/summer 2013 range does exactly that.”

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