Sep 03, 10

blueseventy releases pz3TX: leading edge textile swimskin

blueseventy releases  pz3TX: leading edge textile swimskin

blueseventy has announced the details of its eagerly anticipated pz3tx swimskin, which will be legal for all WTC, USAT events under the new rulings. 

“Since the announcement that the rules would change earlier this year, our product design team have been hard at work to develop a fully textile swimskin that maximizes swim performance,” says blueseventy marketing manager Dean Jackson. 

“Our PZ3TX combines the technology in our pool race suits, used by the fastest swimmers in the world, and integrates it with the fastest swimskin in triathlon - the pointzero3.”

Most of the top athletes in the world have chosen to wear the pointzero3 since its 2006 inception, and with the PZ3TX Jackson sees nothing changing. 

Among others, some of the athletes wearing the pz3tx swimskin will be champion athletes Luke Mackenzie, Rasmus Henning, Dirk Bockel, Leanda Cave, and triathlon’s number one pro team Team Bike Boutique. 

Steve Nicholls, blueseventy CEO and head of product, is particularly excited about the product: “With three triathlon clothing lines, a textile racing line in the pool and a swimwear race line, we were already immersed in textile development, and had several prototypes in testing prior to the change of rules announcement by WTC.

“Essentially it just came down to tweaking a few different aspect of the suit until we were happy with the final aquatic drag profile that was being achieved in our testing.

“The initial feedback has been great. Most of the testing we’ve done has seen one-three seconds/100m savings for top pro swimmers, targeting a sub 54min swim, which is the difference between front pack and also ran.”

Product and order details can be found at

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