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Oct 02, 09

Aqua Sphere unveils new Ironman Speedsuits

Aqua Sphere unveils new Ironman Speedsuits

Aqua Sphere has again partnered with Ironman to launch a new line of male and female Speedsuits.

Created with leading triathletes in mind, the Aqua Sphere powered Ironman Speedsuits have been engineered to ensure both maximum performance and comfort in the water.

Designed for non-wetsuit legal races, the Aqua Sphere Speedsuit allows triathletes to swim faster during races where wetsuits are not allowed.

Made exclusively from hydroform fabric, these suits offer superior elasticity and are ultra-lightweight with a hydrophobic surface that repels water.

The Speedsuits have been constructed to contour to the body, increasing flexibility and keeping unwanted water out of the suit, while the form-fitting structure provides ample compression to reduce muscle fatigue. Special shoulder panels ensure ease of movement, enabling maximum stroke length and shoulder rotation.

“This is the fastest suit I’ve ever worn,” says 2005 Ironman world champion, Faris Al Sultan, after sampling the new Speedsuit at this year’s championships.

Avid triathletes will also appreciate the durable, deep-back pull zipper with attached leash that makes it easy to pull on and off for quicker transitions.

Priced at £125 (SRP), the Speedsuits will be available in nine male sizes (3XS-XXL) and four female sizes (FS-FL). 

Officially being unveiled at the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championship at Kona on October 10, and available at retail from February, the Speedsuits are available to pre-order now.

For further information call 01254 692200 or visit http://www.aquasphereswim.co.uk

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HARVEY – over 40 years of clear and detailed mapping for outdoor adventure.

HARVEY – over 40 years of clear and detailed mapping for outdoor adventure.

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