Oct 15, 14

Aqua Sphere unveils “most impressive range of fitness swimwear to date”

The brand says its 2015 range blends on-trend European styling with innovative performance qualities to deliver what it believes is its most impressive range of fitness swimwear to date.

With something for everyone, active female swimmers will appreciate the body shaping geometric design of the Koa one-piece, which showcases pinks, reds, electric blue, sea green and yellow within a sporty silhouette. 

Engineered in Aqua Sphere’s Aqua X Cell maximum muscle compression fabric, which aids performance and recovery, the high stretch chlorine resistant Koa offers exceptional construction benefits to the frequent swimmer.

The ‘out of the ordinary’ theme continues with the mermaid inspired Casbah, which blends iridescent electric blue and sea green fish scale prints with the long lasting chlorine resistant properties of Aqua Infinity fabric. 

In 2014 Aqua Sphere launched a line of Aqua Light water repellent swimwear - the first collection of water repellent suits made specifically for fitness and recreational swimmers - which retains less water and dries six times faster than traditional fabrics. 

The Aqua Light range has been extended for 2015 and now features striking new colours.

For a personal presentation contact your Aqua Sphere sales representative or call 01254 692200 to set up a no obligation consultation.

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