Aqua Sphere launches female-specific goggles

Aqua Sphere launches female-specific goggles

Perfect for the female swimmer or triathlete, goggle guru Aqua Sphere is yet again showcasing its innovation by launching women-specific swim goggles. 

Available now for pre-order for late February retail, the goggles are innovative versions of the popular Kayenne goggle and Vista mask. Carefully designed and contoured to fit the narrower features of the female face, Aqua Sphere believes it has created the most comfortable female goggle available.

The Kayenne Lady delivers Aqua Sphere’s signature wide-angle 180 degree vision, but also incredible up/down vision as well. The patented Quick-Fit one touch buckle allows easy adjustment while on the face.  Available with clear or tinted lenses. SRP £17.99. 

For those who prefer a mask, the Vista Lady is the new female version of the popular Vista mask. Featuring the same qualities as the incredible Vista, including wrap around vision and superb fit, they have an SRP of £19.99.

Both products are available in new feminine colours. 

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