Aqua Sphere and Ironman unite as leaders in triathlon

Aqua Sphere and Ironman unite as leaders in triathlon

Aqua Sphere, the leader in high-end, innovative swim products, has partnered with Ironman, the pinnacle brand in the sport of triathlon, to create an unrivalled line of performance triathlon wetsuits.

The collaboration combines Aqua Sphere’s high industry standards and commitment to innovative design with Ironman’s experience and dedication to the sport - a partnership that will soon deliver a new line of wetsuits specially engineered to maximise an athlete’s performance.

Aqua Sphere, known primarily throughout triathlon circles for its popular Seal and Vista swimming masks and Kaiman goggles, has been an Ironman World Championship sponsor since 2001. Additionally, Aqua Sphere has served as the primary swim sponsor for both Christof Wandratsch, former Ironman swim world record holder, and 2005 Ford Ironman World Champion, Faris Al Sultan, who has been racing in his Aqua Sphere wetsuit for two years.

“We know water,” says Martin Newton of Aqua Sphere. “We’re not just about high-quality swimming masks - we’ve been dealing with neoprene wetsuits for over 50 years.”

A mainstay in triathlon wetsuits for the past 10 years, Ironman has built a reputation for dependable products. The new line will continue in this tradition - branded Ironman, but powered by Aqua Sphere’s cutting-edge technology.

The wetsuits will come in three classifications, Elite (ICON £322.97 SRP), Pro (men’s RACER and women’s W-RACER, both £244.67 SRP) and Competitor (PURSUIT £137.01 SRP) to cater to all levels of triathletes, from novice to champion. 

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