Sep 30, 13

An Introduction to booost - the oxygen supplement for serious sports people

An Introduction to booost - the oxygen supplement for serious sports people

Who are the crazy guys at booost HQ?
A British start-up company started by two budding entrepreneurs wanting to help serious sports people get through the wall.

There were two reasons to start booost. The first was that the 20 oxygen brands across the world made so many bold claims that we didn’t think the customer would ever believe them and would reject the concept. And after nearly 25 years of canned oxygen being available, the product has failed to succeed.

The second reason was that Perrier launched in 1984 to a reaction of absurdity from the public and yet the bottled water market is now worth over £1 billion in the UK.

Why will booost succeed?
We believe that if we can narrow the claims, focus on a segment where canned oxygen delivers very well and create an aspirational product we might just have the next Red Bull.

booost is aimed at serious sports people who train hard enough to understand their bodies, push themselves to the limit and appreciate the marginal gains products like booost can provide.

Drug taking and drug testing in sport are, on the one hand, becoming more pressured, as marginal gains become so important, and, on the other hand, stringent, as fewer drugs are allowed.

booost is perfectly placed in this battle because it has the unusual positioning of being approved by WADA, natural, has no calories, no highs, and no sugar – Almost the perfect sports supplement for the serious sports person. At 99.5% pure oxygen with 0.5% natural peppermint flavouring, supplements do not get any purer.

The story so far…
The last 18 months has been a whirlwind of a journey. The three highs have been being seen on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den; recruiting Eddie Hall, the UK’s strongest man, as part of team booost and launching an app called ‘Train like a Strongman with Eddie Hall’; and the amount of global interest the brand has attracted - over 20 countries are discussing selling booost across the globe.

The next 18 months see us further cracking the challenges of concreting credibility, brand exposure and getting some even higher profile athletes on board.

Adding booost to your range?
For those resellers considering stocking boost, I understand your concern around a new, very innovative product and the possible scepticism you might have.

My response would be that we have partnered with a number of forward thinking retailers, like Rutland Cycling, who are now enjoying additional sales that will not be substituted by any other product, further improving their perception as a retailer that is innovative.

And as booost gains in popularity - it’s soon to achieve 100,000 YouTube views - we’ll always remember those people that helped us at the start. Booost has a money back guarantee, so join in - the workout is tough, but worth it.

Booost canned oxygen can be bought direct at or via Amazon, eBay and other online distributors.

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